Thursday, November 26

Overview of Joe Biden’s Plans on Major Issues

As the November 2020 presidential election nears and with Joe Biden leading in election polls, we present an overview of the Democratic candidate’s plans.

Biden’s Covid-19 Action Plan

In addressing the worsening pandemic crisis, the former VP plans to make testing free for every U.S. resident, including increasing the availability of drive-thru test sites. In order to speed up testing of persons who could be infected, the program will hire a hundred thousand people to form a network that will carry out national contact tracing. In the meantime, this potential president will make the wearing of masks in public, mandatory.

As soon as he is declared as the official winner of the general election, Biden intends to call on Dr. Anthony Fauci to stay on as member of the COVID-19 task force.

How Biden Plans to Tackle Economic Crisis

To boost economic recovery, Biden’s programs will include providing federal financial support aimed at helping businesses retain, as well as rehire workers. School reopening will be supported by a best-practices clearinghouse. The former Obama vice president also guarantees paid leave for anyone who is unable to work due to coronavirus infection, or is caring for a family member under treatment for the infection.

As his main economic plan for the country, Biden vows to support the middle class by building a system that rewards work, not just wealth. In doing so, Biden promises to push for a $15/hour minimum wage, and repeal Trump’s infamous tax cuts, as well as push for the elimination of non-compete agreements.

Biden’s Health Care Plan for U.S. Citizens

The healthcare plan Biden unveiled in 2019 aims to expand former President Obama’s Obamacare subsidies. Aside from making private insurance policies affordable, a new public buy-in option similar to Medicare will be introduced as an alternative. Regardless of whether an individual is covered by a private insurance or an employer-based insurance, one can apply for a Medicaid-Medicare like health care provision if they prefer to have one in exchange for an employer-based insurance. Those with private insurance have the option to keep it and at the same time apply for the Medicaid-Medicare health care option.

Education Under the Biden Administration

Biden’s plan for education leans heavily on an executive action of proposing increased funding for education in low-income areas— to expand availability of affordable education, such as free community colleges. His proposal would be to close the gap between school districts with a majority white and nonwhite student population.

Moreover, Biden’s education plan includes cutting student loan debt obligations. Those who find work as public service workers, like teachers and military personnel, will be able to waive $10,000 per year up to a period of five years.

College students who land jobs as undergraduates, whilst earning less than $25,000 will be forgiven for their undergraduate federal student loans. Those earning more than $25,000 in salaries will make loan payments capped at 5% of their discretionary income, which cuts in half the current 10% cap.

Biden Seeks to Move Forward with Reforms in Addressing Climate Change

Biden’s broad plan for climate change includes re-entering the Paris accord, and embracing House Rep. Alexandira Ocasio-Cortes’ “Green New Deal.” As announced in 2019 he also plans to set aside $1.7 trillion in funds for carrying out initiatives that seek to put an end to greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050.

He vows that his administration will put an end to fossil fuel subsidies as well as disregard new gas and oil permits issued on public lands. His administration will leave it to Congress to introduce laws that will force corporations to meet emission goals and penalize those who fail to do so.