Tuesday, November 24

No Beard Applies To Politicians?

Sociable with a full beard? More and more men rely on full beards. Until not so long ago, many felt the beard to be unaesthetic and unkempt. That is no longer the case, but is the full beard welcome everywhere in society?

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Can the full beard really be anywhere or not – at work, for example? This question is not unfounded, said the sociologist Manuela Brandstetter in the ORF Burgenland interview. For men who show themselves in responsible positions, a beard would be absolutely counterproductive – for example with politicians, says Brandstetter. Bearded politicians would bribe with objective sobriety.

The Economics of Beard Popularity In The US

Politicians who dare to wear a beard would show that they have emotionality. The new Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen expresses with his beard that he inspires confidence, according to the sociologist – according to the motto: “I am one of you.”

A man with a beard shows “that as a man he is not just a cool representative. He must be an object of identification. So he doesn’t just have to be the one who stands above things, he also has to be the one you’d like to invite home to ask for his opinion, ”says Brandstetter.

So no beard applies to politicians, bankers, and company boards. Beards can be worn by creative minds, designers, doctors, and journalists. In the end, every man decides for himself anyway. What is your opinion on that?

For men, the appearance is now more of an issue, as the Berlin communication scientist Joachim Trebbe says. Trebbe now sees comparatively more reluctance to make comments about women’s clothing. “There is more journalistic sensitivity and fear of the feminist shit storm here.”

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now bearded and it had been raising discussion on social media. Germany’s European Parliament President had been faced with a hairy business too. Critics say the facial hair must go out.

The beard question? While many do not agree on facial hair among politicians or other businessmen for that matter, the point is that men in politics are not just about fashion. They are a symbol of strength that represents the people. So regardless if they have that facial hair, if it had been well kept, why not? Facial hair wouldn’t change the way they make laws anyway. The SPD parliamentary group leader Thomas Oppermann has already answered. He thinks: Schulz shouldn’t listen to Bart’s opponents. “I advise against it. Martin Schulz should stay as he is.”