Sunday, October 18

National Security Issues Deter Older Generations from Using Tik Tok

Older people, some of them political campaigners, still wrestle with the idea of using Tik Tok, since national security issues are being raised over the app.

Although Tik Tok is still behind Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram in number of users, it has been drawing attention because the company running the smartphone app, Bytedance, Inc. Is a China-based conglomerate. Since it operates under Chinese laws, the main concern is that at any moment, the business organization can be ordered by the Chinese government to hand over Tik Tok’s user data.

Gen Z Tik Tok Users Remain Unaffected by National Security Concerns Being Magnified by Trump Administration

National security concerns are currently being magnified by Trump administration officials like Peter Navarro, a White House Adviser, Treasury Department Secretary Steve Mnunchin and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, especially now that the strained relationship between the U.S. and China has been taking a turn for the worse.

In between debates that Tik Tok is merely the Chinese government’s version of a Trojan Horse and of contentions that the government’s reaction stems from Trump’s failure to make his trade war with China work in favor of the U.S. economy, the millions of Generation Z Americans who use Tik Tok, remain unaffected.

First off, the 15-second videos being uploaded by users of the app is not something that can be monetized in the same way YouTube videos can be. As of March 2020, over 800 million users across the globe are actively using Tik Tok, all for the fun of being able to create and share short video clips using their smartphones.

Still, some Tik Tok users are working hard to grow their followers in order to draw the attention of brand advertisers looking for Tik Tok influencers who will promote their product. Inasmuch as that is one way with which top Tik Tok users can earn from their uploads, not a few look for the best place to buy tik tok likes to boost their visibility and popularity.

What Makes Tik Tok Attractive to Political Campaigners?

What makes Tik Tok attractive to political campaigners, is that of the young generation of users, 24 million are from the U.S. According to App Annie, 40 % of those are between 18 and 24 years old, and therefore already of the voting age.</

Last month, even Tik Tok’s below-18 users demonstrated capability to wield power when they signed up for Trump’s Tulsa political rally using false identities. The goal was to mislead Trump’s campaign team into believing that millions of supporters will attend the rally.

Perhaps, this is also one of the reasons why Trump’s administration wants to take action against the Chinese-owned Tik Tok; as a preventive measure against a repeat of similar actions in the forthcoming election.