Tuesday, November 24

Looking at what Political Development is

While it may not be a mainstream topic, political development is very important yet, a complex one. When you were young, what did you want to become? Do you dream to become a pilot, an account, a writer, a CEO of a big company? Each and every one of us has ideas of our own on where we would end up. But, it isn’t always what happens. There are times where different people or events in our lives have changed our development.

Political Development Layman’s

As a matter of fact, nations do exist in the same manner. Generally speaking, we are referring the building as well as growth of the nation’s systems and institutions as political development. The main goal of any given nation is for them to develop a healthy and strong country and to keep on developing. However, political development might occur or be influenced differently.

Dependency Approach

To have a better view of what dependency approach is, let us put it this way…

There’s a kid who has an uncle who owns a 1인샵 and does not trust hiring new workers. So what the uncle did was to train the kid to be his masseuse, pay for him until finishing the course and hires him to massage clients. The kid then developed a skill and trade but had no way in saying that skill is going to be. Instead, it’s determined by an external element, someone who has something to gain.

Same Principle, Different Scenario

The same theory is actually applicable to political development via dependency approach. Rather than the kid and the uncle, think of a colony and colonial empire. Generally, the empire is using its colonies to be able to extract valuable resources to which the empire would turn it into products that can be sold in the global market.

With this, the colony begins to gain institution such as infrastructure and government but they are all concentrated on a singular role, which is to extract resources for their empire. There is political development yet, it is being controlled and managed by someone else.