Saturday, December 5

Is the President has Erectile Dysfunction? – A News Magazine’s headline

We criticized that this day to the news magazine for its involvement in the world of fan fiction.

We discovered the information magazine had something equally awkward: They’d released a report indicating the US president of the present government may be suffering from erectile dysfunction (you may use┬áRocket Man Naturals products for treatment) on account of the fact that he takes the hair-loss drug Propecia.

Here is a real headline printed with a supposedly Significant newsroom: “US President Health Exam: President Nevertheless Taking Hair Loss Medication After Research Revealed Link to Erectile Dysfunction and Depression.”

This is how the story starts: “He significantly scrutinized recent wellness exam demonstrated that he has continued to choose the hair-loss medication finasteride, even following a series of new studies demonstrated that it’s connected to side effects such as chronic erectile dysfunction and melancholy.”

This is the way it ends: “There is no certainty that he isn’t experiencing finasteride’s negative effects; simply they’re a chance.”

And all this by some U.S. Navy Rear Adm. telling reporters Tuesday that the president carries a hair-loss medication.

This is not journalism. It is gossip and speculation. The insinuation of it intended to lure clicks.

I have been monitoring the information magazine decline for some time and I am not alone in discovering the once-highly appreciated news journal was decreased to some scrapheap of clickbait headlines and also journalism.

“What is left of this news magazine is making people dumber and not as educated and frankly ought to be unfollowed and recognized because of this type of behavior,” the Wall Street Journal’s journalist mentioned Thursday.

The people at the said news magazine are worried concerning its condition that was current that was gloomy.

“The stated news magazine was a premier press organization along with an amazing springboard for young journalists expecting to develop a title to her,” one insider allegedly informed The Wrap editor. “The business culture has turned into the newsroom to a poisonous work environment, although the novel has descended to a material farm to get last-resort clickbait.”

“You can find great journalists in the stated news magazine, but they are made to place their names on tales that the news directors understand will lead to outrage on Twitter,” the source added. “Manufacturing anger for clicks is the existing business design, and many people from the business fear impending layoffs.”

Could not have stated it better myself.