Tuesday, November 24

Is Apple Really Conquering Indian Market?

Apple’s prospects for iPhone become slimmer in China, particularly with the dwindling market share as well as fiercer competition from advanced and competitive products. This is among the many reasons why Apple now stands as the 2nd biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Apple is planning to start manufacturing devices in India beginning with its cheaper and smaller iPhone SE as per Economic Times. Additionally, it’s marketing its discontinued version of iPhone 6 via online retailers for a price of 450 dollars as its products cannot command the usual premium prices there according to CNET. This is after Apple failed to get permission from the Indian government in importing refurbished devices due to concerns that it’ll be using India as a dumping ground for its old techs.

Braving a New Market or Looking for a Dumping Ground?

Basically speaking, Apple is repeating history. More likely, the same mistakes that it has made in China.

It’s relying on their brand name in building a market and yet, failing to comprehend the need of consumers. By marketing inferior products, it subtly show an insult among Indian customers.

Smartphones with the same capability as iPhones are selling for a fraction of its price and Apple basically has no brand recognition among the millions of Indian consumers who are buying their very first device. Also, it doesn’t have any kind of product lock-in as it does to its western clients who’ve owned other Apple products and now buying smartphones. Well, this could be the reason as well why there are more services available for Apple products like doing iPhone screen repair at fixpod.com.au, given that there are more patrons for the said device.

No Way Indians can be Penetrated

And to add damage, Apple doesn’t bother customizing their phones or apps for their Indian market. It’s still the same as how it was sold in the US. Ask Siri if it recognizes any Indian city or name and it’ll return no results, ask it to play Bollywood tune, good luck with that.

However, what Apple did to compensate for these issues is offering Indian version of their music-streaming service but it’s big-time inferior and expensive compared to its local competitors like Hungama, Gaana and Saavn. Further, it demands credit cards in which less than a percent of the country has.