Wednesday, November 25

Iranian-Canadians Became Casualties in US-Iran Conflict as Iranian Missile Hits Boeing Passenger Jet

Iranian-Canadians have become casualties to the escalating conflict between the U.S. and Iran. Last Wednesday, a Ukrainian Boeing jet carrying 63 Iranian-Canadian passengers that took off in Iran airport, was damaged by an Iranian-launched missile. Investigation reports have it that although the passenger jet was not directly hit, the aircraft caught fire and was making its way back to Iran.

However, the Ukraine-bound place exploded in mid-air killing all 176 passengers that included 63 Iranian-Canadians.

U.S. officials who spoke on conditions of anonymity said that the group of Western authorities handling the investigations believe the passenger jet was damaged by a missile launched by Iran’s SA-15 surface-to-air missile. It is a Russian-made missile system known as the Tor air-defense, developed during the Cold War, designed to hit targets like drones, incoming missiles, planes and helicopters in short-to-medium range. Russia had reportedly sold the missile system in 2006 to Iran and several other countries.

Iran Open to Investigations But Rejects Reports About Involvement of Russian Missile

Although iran welcomed investigators coming from Canada and Ukraine, including U.S.investigators who wish to take part in the probe, the Iranian government refuses to hand over flight data recorders for Boeing’s analysis. Iranian authorities claim that the possible cause was  mechanical failure.

Iran refuses to publicly acknowledge the preliminary findings of the foreign investigators; repeatedly dismissing theories about the plane being accidentally damaged by an Iranian-launched missile.


A spokesman for the Iranian military said in a statement aired via the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency, the missile claims are “ridiculous” and that the theories are part of a “psychological operation” launched by the Pentagon.

Canadian PM Says Evidence Show an Iranian Missile Caused the Plane Crash

The New York Times though was able to obtain a video showing the moment when a launched missile nearly hit an aircraft. Soon after, the captured incident was followed by a loud exploding sound.

In a press conference and with a heavy heart, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condoled with the families of the 63 Iranian-Canadians killed in the Iran plane crash. The Prime Minister said that there is reason to believe the  passenger jet exploded when it was unintentionally struck by an Iranian missile. He is sharing the information because the bereaved families as well as the rest of Canada’s citizens have a right to know.