Friday, December 4

How Grand is the Lifestyle of a Politician

Very few people I know dream to become a politician someday. I, myself never even imagine myself working as a politician in the government and speaking in front of so many people. It is a not for me. It is not because I did not see politicians job as respectable, but simply because my personality will not just fit to a politician’s duties and responsibility.

When I entered college, I become more exposed to government issues because in school, it is one my teachers’ favorite topic, and when  I come home, my mother is watching the news. Then one time, while me and my mom were about to cross the street to withdraw at the bank, I saw 2 high end SUV and there were so many people across the street. I heard from a lady that a famous politician is visiting our city. Then I thought to myself “wow is that really his/her car?”  “is every politician’s car that beautiful?”.

Ever since that day, I always wonder how politicians live their lives. For each passing day, I became more curious to the point wherein I decided to research on it. Then I found this documentary about the luxurious life of a certain politician. The moment I finished watching it, I somehow had thoughts on whether I do not really want to be politician because it seems like I already do.

Why did I suddenly changed my mind? It is because of the following reasons:

  1. If you are politician and you are in a high position, you will be living in 2 or 3 storey house because you want more rooms and large dining area and living room.
  2. From floor mattresses to curtains and bed mattress, a politician’s home items costs thousands and more. cheap king size mattresses from sleepy will is not going to let you down. They offer affordable mattresses that will last you for many years.
  3. Sports car, SUV, and a sedan at the garage is normal among politicians in high position. The sedan is for their own trip, the SUV is for their family, and sometimes the sports car is just part of their collection