Wednesday, November 25

Google AdWords and Your Political Campaign

Google AdWords is very essential to most political campaigns as it politicians’ modern way of reaching people. This may give rise to the interests of political candidates and campaign staffs. Moreover, Google AdWords is also a tool for letting out a word about a candidate. And, if not utilized correctly, using Easy Google Ads automation tool can also break a political campaign.

Moreover, there are lots of issues that campaign staffs or political candidate may experience while using Google AdWords. These issues are connected with the absolute Google policies and an insufficient customer service. In addition, it also includes the ability of ruling out those policies in the event that the advertising campaign demands for an action.

Ways in which Google AdWords can destroy your campaign

Below is the list of possible ways in which Google AdWords may have the highest chance of destroying your campaign.

Google Ads policies are equivalent to a shutdown at the worst case scenario

Generally, political campaigns are pushing a little bit harder at the last three days prior to election.

It also goes the same thing with online advertising, rushing out during the last week of the campaign period which can be very critical to campaign’s success. However, in case you update the campaigns using Google AdWords, the chances are high that it can be closed for review. The review can run until 96 or for greater hours. It can also be an area of fraud protection for Google. But, this is something that cannot be override.

Outsourced Customer Service which provides little service

In the event that your account have been closed out for review, the Google representative for advertising is powerless. They can only recommend to contact the customer service hotline. Contacting that hotline can take you further and subsequently find that your account is temporarily suspended. Even after communicating with a Google supervisor, the customer service hotline will still give zero results.

Google AdWords system is automated

Apparently, there is no way out when you get caught on Google’s shutdown the AdWords campaign for more subsequent reviews. So, it is better to do more strategies on creating an AdWords campaign. It is also advisable to go for alternatives in doing campaigns to have more options.