Friday, December 4

Donald Trump, Dogless White House

While many past U.S. Presidents have been noted to have had dogs with them in the white house, this time it’s not the case. President Donald Trump must have reasons why the White House is dogless until this time. Who knows he might have dog allergies? We can’t prove that though until the President takes a dog allergy testing (

I can’t imagine the big White House not having a dog. I don’t recall who said it first, yet it’s obvious that many concur with this view, “Never trust anyone who doesn’t like dogs.”

Pet lovers believe that a person’s attitude toward a dog shows something significant to his personality. In times of political campaigns, the voting public determines who has the qualities, knowledge, and character of a president.

A dog psychologist (and originator of Arizona State University Canine Science Collaboration) spends considerable time learning the bond between dogs and people (specifically dog owners).

White House is Currently Dogless

President Donald Trump is the first U.S. leader to not have a dog in the White House in 118 years. However, his praise for the military dog ​​Conan has attracted attention to the peculiar record of the White House and the pets owned by its residents.

I would definitely be happy if the candidate’s demeanor to dogs could provide an easy way to beat my vote without evaluating the leader’s persona, cutting out the person’s personality, and evaluating their policy recommendations in detail.

While it’s not enough to base judgment on a candidate’s love for dogs to pick a leader, it’s always best to understand that not all people and dogs get along but still has a good character and the other way around.

However, I still want to stick to the belief that having dogs for a companion can somehow show a person’s inner characteristics and therefore can help us, voters, pick the best candidate.

No dog in the White House

Over the past years, people from the media had been speculating about President Donald Trump’s existence at the White House without a pooch.

The Washington Post reported that just about every resident of the White House from the time of William McKinley had a dog companion at some time.

Trump may have said that he is not a fan of dogs but ironically, his praise for the hero dog, Belgian Malinois shows a different Trump. And at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, they have featured Trump enjoying all the dogs in the show proudly taking pictures with all of them.

So why is there no dog in the White House? While Trump says that he doesn’t like dogs, surely Trump still has a soft spot for dogs. But there are some people that even if they like dogs, they want their environment to be somehow free of fur babies and Trump could be one of them.