Thursday, November 26

Demokratia – A Video Game Popularized By Russian Politics

Let’s acquire voters and divert public works funds to become a tsar (monarch) who has full control of power ── These are the contents of the video game “ Demokratia ” Is part of. With a merciless satire on Russian politics, the game has been a huge success in the area governed by President Vladimir Putin.

An in-game character, much like Russian politicians, said, “Begin inflating votes!” And announces, “Votes are 146%!”

According to NeskinSoft, which developed the game, the game has achieved 1.5 million downloads in Russia and still has about 100,000 new users every month. The game was released on December 10, 2011.

Characters resembling Putin and dissident leaders

Players combine several things to create a new one to establish democracy in Russia. Procure sheep with three bills, three sheep become voters, and three voters become an election office-and continue to reach the peak of power in this way.

Players can also learn how to ignore budgets, violate constitutions, and buy legislators.

If you use “the imprisoned lawyer”-that seems to be Mr. Alexei Navalny, an attorney, and leader of the anti-Putin administration- ” the colonel of the KGB (former Soviet National Security Commission) It is possible to fight against the bad guys of regimes like (Putin’s previous history).

Nawarinui, who violently criticized President Vladimir Putin, became famous that published the article which exposes the corruption of the government the upper part at his own blog, last year in Moscow ( Moscow have been defeated, but ran into) mayor.

The creator of the game, Valentin Merzlikin (37), is a Moscow-based programmer who professes his support for Nawarinui, but with the strange choice of moving to Belarus, far from democracy’s fortune.

Do you know that the government side also produces system games?

On the other hand, the Russian government is also trying to develop a game that incorporates a systematic perspective. One of the games advertised by government media is a zombie game called ” Snowdev Run, ” where a former KGB agent protects Moscow from zombies. One game site commented that the game’s intent was to “praise Vladimir Putin” but “finally failed.”

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