Wednesday, November 25

Children’s Perception On Politics

Reports of boundless political controversy, violence and hatred in  terrorism dangers within our doorstep and round the globe fill the atmosphere. 

How can you respond to everything you hear? Can you react with frustration and anger? Can you speak to your children about issues? How can you direct and guide them in middle of this mayhem? How can you keep them out of fear? Are you communicating your prejudice and sending unwanted messages to your children or are you helping them learn how to observe the large image and form healthy remarks of their own? Where would you stand?

Often, صور اطفال is being used for politics. The reason is always because of their innocence but how can we keep our kids from taking sides in this a sexy topic world dilemma as the Israeli-Palestinian battle? How can we prevent from losing perspective and getting polarized? It was not simple because our hearts will break occasionally to see such external displays of unbridled violence and hatred. Yet we decided early on to help our children understand there are two sides of each story.

We can’t dismiss the effect we’ve got on our kids as we adopt or deny the people and problems around us. Our anxieties can so readily become their anxieties. We will need to keep in mind that we’re increasing citizens of earth. What type of legacy  we would like to depart for them? How can they recall our answers to world problems and controversies?

Children are eloquent, so don’t pretend that things are not that bad; they are worse than we believe they actually understand.

However we could help children rise above into a location of confidence values we hold dear–religion and family, compassion and kindness. We can provide hope and a better future to our kids by helping them develop and enhance their possibility and positive impact on the world around them. As frightening as the world might appear sometimes, we will need to help our kids to know that“it is much better to light one little candle than to curse the darkness”, it is far better to be a bridge builder compared to a wall builder and above all, they see it lived out in our lives daily.