Tuesday, October 20

Challenges of Working with Politicians in Placing Brand Strategies

Politics is everywhere you go. From your place of work, making bids on a contract, etc. You may not notice it but we are practicing politics in our day to day lives. As for politicians themselves, it is hard to avoid them in public sector since they’ve been elected to rule places and at the same time, to control and guide professionals who are managing and advising them on their development.

Scopes of a Politician


If you think that politician’s scopes are only for the public, you’re wrong. Even in the private sector, it has inherited politics which you should immediately learn how to navigate on. It surrounds organizations such as destination developers or property developers that are dealing with place development, promotion, and management.

There’s a certain role for brand strategists working with real estate developers in guiding clients on these aspects of proposed structures which will bring success to the developer or, have them criticized.

The Impact of Brand Strategies

In the public sector, politicians take lead in front and fund development of places be it smaller areas, towns, cities, regions or the country as a whole. However, there are a number of huge challenges that are presented by this political process in democracies which puts brand strategists to immediately recognize and some of them are discussed below:

  • Election cycle and challenges that politicians face during the reelection
  • The need for increased understanding of politicians of what destination and place branding is and isn’t
  • Convince politicians to make investments in brand strategy as long term process and not just a temporary fix
  • Ethical requirements of truthful and honest place branding
  • Enable politicians to understand the types of decisions made on legislation and policy to deliver the powerful impact of a reputation of its brand and their place
  • Enable politicians to better understand that placing brand strategies can have much impact on businesses and existing residents as they do on prospect tourists and investors

As you see, this isn’t an easy endeavor to take. It requires proper education and analysis of what is happening and what could happen. This is the same reason why interested individuals who want to try their opportunity on this career use
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