Sunday, October 18

Becoming a Federal Contractor can be both Easy and Perplexing

Every single year, the government is awarding hundreds and billions of dollars in Federal contracts to businesses in order to meet the requirements of both the military and the federal agency. The goal of the government is to award a minimum of 23% of these contracts to small businesses. In an effort to sell offer your services or sell your products to the federal government, your business needs to meet certain requirements.

Despite the fact that the entire contracting procedure may sound overwhelming and complicated, the government is providing tons of valuable information as well as tips to help contractors and aspiring contractors to become a Federal contractor.

Sources for Federal Contracts

There are a number of ways in which you can search for new opportunities and do business with the Federal Agency as well as military. You may take advantage of these resources to be able to get a sense of how the Federal marketplace works and how you can relate your services or products.

  1. Register and search contract opportunities on This is now serves as the official database of Federal contracting opportunities
  2. Be part of the GSA or General Services Administration Schedules Program
  3. Search for contracts using individual agencies like the offices of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
  4. Be a subcontractor by means of working for other companies that have contracts with the federal government. This is actually a nice way of building track record and introducing your company with the government

How You can be Prepared?

Becoming a Federal contractor will require series of steps to ensure that everything will be a smooth sail. First of all, you need to know what to do in each step as this will help you in better understanding the timeline and on what to expect on the following processes.

You need to decide whether federal contracting is a smart move to your business or not. Consider all contributing factors before you make a decision.

Any smart contractor will be doing research on the pricing and demand of service or product within the government. Identify demand for your service or products with contract opportunities using or, you may instead use the GSA Forecast of Contracting Opportunities Tool. If you feel that Federal contracting is not for you, then stick with the traditional marketing approaches like learning the benefits when you buy Instagram followers, how social media can help in growing your business and so forth.