Friday, December 4

Barack Obama Has More Time Golfing After The End Of His Presidency

Former US President Barack Obama is doing what every golfer dreams of, playing a round on the Old Course in St. Andrews.

Every leader has barely time to play. But Presidents need some time for themselves too. During Barack Obama’s term, there’s no denying that despite many issues he has to face, he still finds time to play his favorite sport, golf. But now he doesn’t have to wait for a spare time to play – he has all the freedom to play golf on the old course of St. Andrews.

The end of a presidency, passing the baton on, also has advantages – for example, that you no longer have to grapple with critics who constantly argue that you spend too much time on your favorite hobby. It is no secret that in the case of Barack Obama this is golf. Now the former POTUS (President of the United States), who is said to have played more than 300 rounds during his tenure, can swing the club without a guilty conscience – and that is exactly what he did in the “Home of Golf” on the famous Old St. Andrews Course.

Barack Obama cheered at the Open venue

Playing the course, which hosts the Open Championship every five years and will present the 150th edition of the only major on European soil in 2021, is one of the heart’s desires of every true golf fan. Speaking of fans: Of course, the onlookers weren’t long in coming, after all, the former President of the USA swung the bat here. So Obama’s tee shot was accompanied by some cheers:

In view of his postponed putts, a few “Ah” s and “Oh” s could be heard, and of course, there was applause at the end of the round – after all, many a professional has bitten their teeth on the Old Course. Afterward, a few more hands wanted to be shaken before the ex-POTUS had time to meditate in peace on his round on such historical ground. Obama’s former critics can now count the rounds of golf for US President Donald Trump.

Final Thoughts

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