Sunday, March 29

Author: Radim Delma

Reciprocating the Toll for Road Accidents

It’s a saddening truth to learn that people who die as a result of road accidents are growing in numbers than from malaria, HIV/AIDS, homicide or tuberculosis. What this mean is that, road crashes are something that should be taken seriously regardless of where they are. Basically, there are factors that are putting young people at risk and part of it will be discussed in this article. Primary Risk Factors Of course, there are outside elements that do contribute to road traffic injuries especially among youth. As we carry on, you’ll get to know about these factors and have better understanding of the problem. There was actually a time when the world faces huge problems like: Natural disasters Wars Poverty and; Hunger Clearly, these issues are scarier and more diff

Is Apple Really Conquering Indian Market?

Apple’s prospects for iPhone become slimmer in China, particularly with the dwindling market share as well as fiercer competition from advanced and competitive products. This is among the many reasons why Apple now stands as the 2nd biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Apple is planning to start manufacturing devices in India beginning with its cheaper and smaller iPhone SE as per Economic Times. Additionally, it’s marketing its discontinued version of iPhone 6 via online retailers for a price of 450 dollars as its products cannot command the usual premium prices there according to CNET. This is after Apple failed to get permission from the Indian government in importing refurbished devices due to concerns that it’ll be using India as a dumping ground for its old techs. http

Banning of PUBG: Is it Fair?

PUBG or Player Unknown Battle Ground rose as among the popular games worldwide. Perhaps, this is the reason why it gives parents, universities and other schools sleepless nights and all other young gamers who developed addiction to playing the game. On the other hand, this game was banned in some other countries. As a matter of fact, multiple cities in India banned PUBG and the police had arrested around 20 people simply by playing the game despite of the ban. The National Child Rights Commission taken over as well for recommending to ban the game due to its violent concept. In the next paragraphs, you are going to learn which other countries have agreed to the banning of this game FPS game. India The Chief Warden of Men’s Hostel of VIT or Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nad

3 Types of Child Custody Mandated by the Government

If you firmly believe that child custody is just about the visitation rights of your partner, then you may have it wrong. Child custody has different classifications and depending on these classifications, it will give your ex-partner the rights to your children. Let us talk further what these types of custodies are about. Number 1. Physical Custody This means that the parent has the right to keep the child live with him/her. There are states that’ll award joint physical custody in which the child can spend ample amount of time with their parents. In a joint physical custody, this works perfectly if the parents are relatively close because this is lessening the stress on the children and lets them maintain their typical routine. Number 2. L

What Goes Behind Political Decision-Making Process?

The conventional view of government’s role in market economy is that, the government tries to maximize and make the most efficient of social welfare. This is an exogenous part in correcting market failures and at the same time, its role in providing institutions and regulatory framework at once. A Rule has to be Followed In order to get this done, political rules required for critical decision-making including economic rules similar to those who are concerned about property rights and rules for its contracts allowing exchanges to take over. On the other hand, there are several other theories that have been put forth trying to explain and figure out how economic and political decisions are made. With these new theories, the government isn’t to be seen as a single unit or entity. R

Challenges of Working with Politicians in Placing Brand Strategies

Politics is everywhere you go. From your place of work, making bids on a contract, etc. You may not notice it but we are practicing politics in our day to day lives. As for politicians themselves, it is hard to avoid them in public sector since they’ve been elected to rule places and at the same time, to control and guide professionals who are managing and advising them on their development. Scopes of a Politician   If you think that politician’s scopes are only for the public, you’re wrong. Even in the private sector, it has inherited politics which you should immediately learn how to navigate on. It surrounds organizations such as destination developers or property developers that are dealing with place development, promotion, and management. There’s a certain role for brand