Author: Warner Wenda

What Software is Best Suitable for App Development

Hybrid mobile applications are becoming more and more popular these days. One way of developing a hybrid application is by using Ionic framework, which is an open source software that uses HTML5, CSS and Javascript. Most developer are switching to hybrid apps because it offers various great benefits compared to native apps such as utilization of a mobile platform's webview. In addition to that, it offers a lot of competitive advantage regarding the development speed, user interface, speed, and platform support. In the present times, people mostly use the Ionic 3 that is made by angular. I know that the concept of Ionic is still vague. so if you are wondering how it was written, it is built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Other than the amazing benefits of Ionic that are mentioned a...

The Aphrodisiac Behind Politics

Definition of Aphrodisiac What comes to your mind when you hear the word aphrodisiac? According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, aphrodisiac is defined as "something, usually a drug or food, that is believed to cause sexual desire in people". This is the definition most people know, that such word is a product that comes with various natural aphrodisiacs for women. However, little did they know, aphrodisiac is also defined as "something that cause excitement or enthusiasm". With that being said, the word aphrodisiac does not only correlate to increase arousal amongst women. Excitement and enthusiasm are mostly the words being substituted by aphrodisiac. How do you use it in a sentence then? Here are some examples: 1. They say that power is a great aphrodisiac 2. Money is a