Saturday, October 17

As Trump Continues to Defy Congressional Impeachment Inquiry Support for Impeachment and Removal Rises

US President Donald Trump continues to assert that the conversation he had with Ukraine President Zelensky was a “perfect conversation.” Yet the growing number of Americans supporting his removal from office through impeachment, indicates that the majority do not agree.

Initially, different poll results showed that more than half of the registered voters who participated in the survey supported the impeachment inquiry launched by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

However, as the White House administration refuses to cooperate in the committee investigations, whilst calling Congress a “kangaroo court,” the support for the impeachment has elevated to a level that also calls for Trump’s removal from office.

Various Polls Indicate Growing Approval for Trump’s Impeachment and Removal

Last week, Politico’s polling firm Morning Consult, conducted an online survey involving 1,991 registered American, to which the outcome showed 50% approval not only for the inquiry but also support for Trump’s expulsion from the Oval Office. Only 43% of Politico’s poll respondents were against the impeachment and removal, while 7% indicated indecision over the matter.

Even Fox Network, a known Trump supporter, conducted a poll the previous Sunday that produced results confirming that about 51% of the U.S. voters give support to the impeachment inquiry; and to Trump’s consequential removal as U.S. president. The figures presented a stark increase from the July poll conducted by Trump’s ally network, in which only 42% showed support for removal via impeachment.

Quinnipiac University’s most recent October survey found 45% of voters surveyed are in favor of impeachment and removal. The figure rose from a previous 37% poll approval for impeachment and removal yielded by Quimmipiac’s poll right after House Speaker Pelosi formally launched the impeachment inquiry.
Washington Post through a Schar School impeachment survey reported an early October result that showed 58% of voters in America support a removal outcome, once the inquiry advances to impeachment trial at the Senate., a website that focuses on compiling poll data to establish a running average of the results of impeachment polls, presented report last week that showed the overall support for impeachment with removal, rose from a previous 43% to 49%.

The recent poll results were taken before former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch testified that Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Guilani and associates had pressured President Trump to remove her from her Ukraine post. Ms. Yovanovitch’s testimony indicated that even before Donald Trump made the controversial call to President Zelensky, Rudy Guilani and former Ukrainian officials were already working on some financial and political agenda related to Trump’s bid for re-election in the 2020 presidential elections.