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Month: August 2020

Communicating politics in the age of populism & fake news

The rise of populists and the mixing of fact and fiction through fake news are not only changing the political process in a certain country but also societies themselves. What is fake news? Fake news, messages that intentionally spread false content to mislead others, is not a new phenomenon. The same applies to populism, which is characterized by the appeal to “common sense”, the dichotomy between the “pure people” and the “corrupt elite”, anti-elitism, hostility to institutions, moralization, polarization and personalization of politics. The challenges of populism and fake news for policy communication Political problems both internally and externally are becoming more complex. The desire for simplification and explanation as well. The c...

Best For Exercises for Busy People like Politicians

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Doing minimal movements is better than not doing anything at all, especially when hectic schedules get in the way of busy politicians, and there are countless ways you can get in physical activity while you are in your office. Even short durations of exercise can have a huge impact. Here are some of the important exercises that are effective for primary muscle groups and improve general strength. Aside from that, they also improve the heart rate, improve balance, and get rid of calories. Generally, opt to finish each exercise for at least 60 seconds, depending on your fitness level. Incorporating in several sets of these exercises per day will improve your progress. “Office variations” are our main focus. So if you’re more likely to exercise every day by incorporating in some mov...

Barack Obama Has More Time Golfing After The End Of His Presidency

Former US President Barack Obama is doing what every golfer dreams of, playing a round on the Old Course in St. Andrews. Every leader has barely time to play. But Presidents need some time for themselves too. During Barack Obama's term, there's no denying that despite many issues he has to face, he still finds time to play his favorite sport, golf. But now he doesn't have to wait for a spare time to play - he has all the freedom to play golf on the old course of St. Andrews. The end of a presidency, passing the baton on, also has advantages - for example, that you no longer have to grapple with critics who constantly argue that you spend too much time on your favorite hobby. It is no secret that in the case of Barack Obama this is golf. No...

Overview of Joe Biden’s Plans on Major Issues

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As the November 2020 presidential election nears and with Joe Biden leading in election polls, we present an overview of the Democratic candidate's plans. Biden's Covid-19 Action Plan In addressing the worsening pandemic crisis, the former VP plans to make testing free for every U.S. resident, including increasing the availability of drive-thru test sites. In order to speed up testing of persons who could be infected, the program will hire a hundred thousand people to form a network that will carry out national contact tracing. In the meantime, this potential president will make the wearing of masks in public, mandatory. As soon as he is declared as the official winner of the general election, Biden intends to call on Dr....

Donald Trump, Dogless White House

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While many past U.S. Presidents have been noted to have had dogs with them in the white house, this time it's not the case. President Donald Trump must have reasons why the White House is dogless until this time. Who knows he might have dog allergies? We can't prove that though until the President takes a dog allergy testing ( I can't imagine the big White House not having a dog. I don't recall who said it first, yet it's obvious that many concur with this view, "Never trust anyone who doesn't like dogs." Pet lovers believe that a person's attitude toward a dog shows something significant to his personality. In times of political campaigns, the voting public determines who has the qualities, knowledge, and character of a president. A dog psyc...