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Month: July 2020

National Security Issues Deter Older Generations from Using Tik Tok

Government, Politics, Security
Older people, some of them political campaigners, still wrestle with the idea of using Tik Tok, since national security issues are being raised over the app. Although Tik Tok is still behind Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram in number of users, it has been drawing attention because the company running the smartphone app, Bytedance, Inc. Is a China-based conglomerate. Since it operates under Chinese laws, the main concern is that at any moment, the business organization can be ordered by the Chinese government to hand over Tik Tok’s user data. Gen Z Tik Tok Users Remain Unaffected by National Security Concerns Being Magnified by Trump Administration National security concerns are currently being magnified by Trump administration officials like Pet...

Politics: Attending a Coffee Meeting with a Denier

Forum for Science Still refreshing when the bat is thrown into the henhouse in a debate. "How much science has been enough?" someone from the audience asks during the Forum for Science. A striking question, because it is about how science can regain its status in society. A small group of mostly young people came to the discussion in the central hall. The debate has been heralded as the advance to Saturday's March for Science. The organization wants to discuss three things: the biggest threats to science, the value of science, and how science can tackle the biggest threats. Penetrating Politicians In the hour-and-a-half conversation, science philosopher Hans Radder takes up the humanities and fundamental research tells climate researcher Harry Aiking how difficult it can be to get sc...

Let’s Fly Wisely and Buy Drones for Filming Based on These Buying Guide

Basically, because of technology, drones are not just a flying device but it entails various applications. In fact, you can also survey using drones. Moreover, the most updated versions are of high quality and well-made. Aside from that, they have spectacular features which makes them very useful especially in the field of filming. Generally, drones for videography and photography are constructed using modern technology and they are categorized as the most updated drones within the market. Important Features to Look for When Buying Drones for Filming It is essentially to consider important features when it comes to drones for filming. More likely, you should consider this buying guide more than the other types of drones. CAMERA Always remember that you are choosing a drone for the...

The World of Buying Instagram Likes Cheap for Politicians

Politics, Technology
As you browsed along Instagram, you would see Tom Watson showing his gadget purchased during a supermarket sale. Along with it, there is Caroline Flint and Liz Truss looking thrilled on their Instagram photos. Moreover, you would also see Gavin Williamson who's been revealing his DIY. Basically, it is not surprising to see those politicians penetrating the social media world. Actually, there are two councilors of the Conservative party who liked Facebook memes regarding Sadiq Khan. However, political Twitter is some of a kind of working hard site to gain likes.  There is also the TikTok contents that are politically inclined. Whereas Instagram is somehow playful for politicians. Some of them are engaging in the business to buy Instagram likes cheap rate.  The growth of political Ins...