Thursday, November 26

Month: March 2020

Harmless Gifts And Invitations Could Be The Start Of Corruption

Business, Government
Let's say you are working for the government and a businessman comes in with very important papers he needs to process. The atmosphere is relaxed and the businessman patiently waits for his papers to be processed. Since lunch is approaching, the businessman you are speaking to suggests a lunch together. You agree because you haven't eaten for hours. After the waitress clears the empty plates, the businessman asks for the bill and offers to pay your own meal. You hesitate for a moment and thought about your action of accepting the lunch invitation is appropriate. Under no circumstances do you want to be suspected of being bribed, because you know that rumors like this can damage your career enormously. Bribery and Corruption - The Bribery Act C...

The Rich And Their Political Influence

Are the interests of the rich taken into account by lawmakers? Political scientists Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page compared two data sets taken by their building data science teams. On the one hand, almost 1,800 surveys in which the opinions of the Americans were collected on concrete political decisions; on the other hand, how Washington actually decided on these issues. It was about legislative proposals from 20 years of US politics, whether on taxes, education or environmental protection. Sometimes a President of the Democrats ruled, sometimes a Republican. Billionaires influence on politics not just an American phenomenon The result of the two scientists: It doesn't matter what the average American earns about a proposed law. Regardless...